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WeightMonkey Way Bawn rocks it at Fox’s | Week 1

February 6, 2017


WeightMonkey Way Bawn kicked off last Monday with a fitness test. Eager participants rocked up on time on a dark Monday evening ready to be measured and tested. “The sole purpose of the fitness test is to measure participants pre-WeightMonkey way strength and fitness condition so we can gauge improvements and show success” stated Shane Coyle the WeightMonkey instructor.
Shane used a range of activities and tools to measure and record everything from strength and fitness to BMI.


First session of the program took place on Thursday night and involved circuit training. It was a great session, with the added craic of people skipping a few circuits kettlebells cavanalong the way, although claimed non-intentional!! The circuit was cleverly designed to work every inch of the body. “Great effort from the group tonight. Having analysed the fitness results from Monday I had to adjust the entire circuit program as the results had shown that people were actually fitter than I had anticipated. This is why it was crucial for me to get an initial measurement of fitness from the group”.


Saturday morning in Billy Fox’s Park ……..Shane was there at the crack of dawn lining out the routes and checking conditions underfoot. One by one cars arrived and the group started the nervous chatter before he instructed usBilly's Saturday 04/02/2017 to follow him…….and to bring our water. Starting with briefing us on the routes ahead and highlighting the danger areas around the course, we then went into a good warm up and stretch. As levels of fit
ness vary within the group, different regimes were allocated to each member, but all doing the same route and finishing at the same time. Although the session was gruelling, the hour seemed to fly by. “It’s great to see the comradery and encouragement within the group at this early stage. Again, impressed by the effort by all, and with nobody bowing out of their assigned regime……. no complainers. This group certainly does enjoy the chatting, so maybe I’m going too easy on them!! ” said Shane.
All in all, I covered 5.63km, burned 1,191 calories and took 8,327 steps over Saturdays session. (Recorded by my FitBit)

Although by the end we were all exhausted, we all felt exhilarated and were looking forward to Mondays session…..

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